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When the cool air comes in and the leaves start to fall, that is when you know it is getting into the “busy season’ for the best band for live entertainment. Between picturesque Fall weddings, national corporate conventions and holiday parties, the calendar fills up quick. In the last two months alone, Emerald City has traveled all over the country from Colorado, Kansas City, San Antonio, Phoenix, and all the way north to Chicago.

So many long travel days, in many different airports, fitting in sleep wherever we can, but we love every single minute of it. EC prides itself on being the BEST party band in the country and further proves that by some many repeat clients year after year, across the US. It is a wonderful thing to do what we love and to be able to travel and see the world while we do it.

“You guys are on a whole other level! We know how much your group brings to our event
and gets the crowd going, so we are the ones who want to say THANK YOU!”
-Repeat client of 6 years in Kansas City