Emerald City Band

Emerald City was thrilled to be a part of the magic of Brooke and Landon McKean’s wedding! Located in the mountains of Colorado Springs, at a classic destination for a picture-perfect wedding. we had the honor of providing high-energy entertainment to match this spectacular event.

Wedding Chapel

Pauline Memorial Chapel

Emerald City was so grateful to be a part of the incredible experience, creating a magical night to remember with the McKean’s. The bride and groom had gorgeous details at their wedding—from cute accessories such as emoji necklaces and crowns to a frozen Rosè machine! The couple kept the venue fresh and young, with beautiful floral arrangements and fun lighting.

Wedding photo area

Check out their cool ‘Meet the McKeans’ photo setup

The bride had over 20 sorority sisters as her bridesmaids dancing up a storm on stage with Emerald City all night long! The fun accessories, beautiful décor, gorgeous floral arrangements, and energy that this wedding party brought made it a night to remember. To get a glimpse into this incredible wedding night, watch our video on the McKean’s reception below.

It’s no wonder the wedding was so beautiful, with top-notch Colorado wedding planner Sarah Viera planning the night.

Jim from Emerald City and Sarah Viera

Jim, the trumpet genius from Emerald City with
Sarah Viera, the masterful wedding planner

Emerald City was honored to create some wedding magic with newlyweds
Brooke and Landon in Colorado Springs this summer!

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