Emerald City Band’s newest recruit, Danny Phillips, is so excited to be joining the ECB family. Danny had a lot of music influences while growing up, starting with his father who’s a saxophone player. While in third grade, he taught himself how to play the piano, eventually moving towards the saxophone during sixth grade in his schools band. For him, music is something he’s connected with throughout his life. 


“I really wanted to do music because not only did it make me feel good but I just had a lot of emotion and you know, it needed to be conveyed. I guess from a young age I just had a lot of ideas that were just flowing out from all the different genres of music I was listening to.”

Danny Phillips

Danny is graduating from A&M Commernce this summer with a Bachelors Degree for Music Performance. From his first gig with with the band back in February to the many more to come, Emerald City Band is so excited to have him join the family and to continue making memories and music with him. 


“It’s not just another gig, it’s like another time to make memories with the audience and with each other on stage.”

Danny Phillips

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