Finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind first dance song for your wedding reception can seem impossible, but we’re here to help. As the best wedding entertainment band in the country for over three decades, we have seen it all — the classic Etta James, the country slow dance, the fast-paced Queen rock tune, original compositions, orchestral pieces—the list goes on and on. Whatever your ultimate choice is, it should speak to you and your relationship, making the night just that much more perfect.

Deciding the mood, whether it’s an upbeat hit or a slow ballad, is a good first step. If you can’t decide, we’ve included a little of both in our list. A tip is to listen to some options on high volume and imagine yourselves on your wedding night. If you have a natural desire to dance, a smile on your face, and happiness in your heart, it’s probably a good contender for that special first dance.

If you feel more comfortable with some fast-paced choreography, perhaps a pump-up song that’ll start the night right, getting you and the crowd energized, is your best bet. Maybe a slow sway is more your vibe, and you’re looking for a more unpredictable ballad. Ultimately, whatever fits YOU best will make for the perfect song.

Keep scrolling for some great options!

1. Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This forever young, magnetic song was featured in the hit movie Stuck in Love. The song describes love as a home, always present no matter where you go. Uplifting and positive, “Home” is a perfect dedication for your first dance.

2. Music To My Eyes – Lady Gaga

Used as the backdrop for the wedding in A Star is Born, this song’s lyrics and melody will be sure to melt your heart. “I want to sing you a sunrise and be the dawn I know will move you” is just a taste of the poetic lines of this song.

3. Love – Lana Del Rey

The title describes this piece of music perfectly. Lana Del Rey encompasses the wistful art of love and romance, creating a ballad perfect for an emotion-filled first dance.

4. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse

This throwback hit will guarantee a great first dance. The energetic, uplifting vibe will have your guests ready to celebrate your night with you!

5. How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding

A gorgeous slow dance, “How Long Will I Love You” guarantees tears of joy. The beautiful lyrics describe love perfectly—endless and eternal. Goulding’s song is a promise to always love and will take you and your guests to a beautiful, emotional place.

6. Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake

High-energy and fun, this Michael Jackson/Justin Timberlake duet is a great option for a first dance. Anyone listening will want to sing along, even if they don’t know the words. It’s undoubtedly a feel-good, happy love song.

7. Electric Love – BØRNS

An innocent, happy-go-lucky track, “Electric Love” serves teenage love and pure happiness vibes. It’s guaranteed to get you smiling upon first listen. The lyrics, “Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle, I can’t let you go now that I got it,” speak perfectly to a true love story.

8. One and Only – Adele

This intensely gorgeous Adele ballad is the ultimate love song. The lyrics are an ode to loving someone completely and wholly. The piano, band, and Adele’s voice would serve as a beautiful first dance.

9. All Night – Beyoncé

“Nothing real can be threatened” stands out as one of the best lyrics of this beautiful piece of music. Every lyric speaks perfectly to an everlasting love, with Beyoncé providing a more modern and fun first dance song.

10. Bloom – The Paper Kites

This song concocts images of a perfect sunset, a night of dancing, bare feet on grass and wind in the soul, of practically every good, pure, and beautiful memory you can remember. This is truly one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, and completely embodies true love.

We hope you have enjoyed Part 1 and now have some new ideas for your first dance. Click over to Part 2 and we will share 10 more!

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